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Birkenstock Power

Are Birkenstock shoes making a comeback? I am going to be vulnerable here and let you know that I do enjoy wearing Birkenstock sandals. Now I evidently am not one that strolls down main street in my Birkenstock sandals wearing wool socks and munching on granola. I am far from that. But back in the day like in the early to mid 90’s I jumped on the bandwagon when they were rising and let me tell you they are very comfortable. Those hippies got something right. But as far as fashion goes I would recommend stay as far away as possible. Maybe if you are strolling around the streets of Portland it would be an okay fashion statement but nor really anywhere else.  Granted you do have to stay true to yourself but if you are hear for my fashion advice that is what I am recommending. Maybe if you are in a laid back beac town you can get away with it but I don’t know. It seems like I am trying to find excuses to wear them but I will not wear them as fashion but only for comfort and convenience. Now to get back on subject.  I am reading articles and seeing people wear them all over the place again.  their is a part of me that thinks woo hoo and then their is the other part of me that thinks oh…

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Fashion Is For Everyone

It has kind of been a pet peeve o mine that people think fashion is only for people that have a lot of money.  That is absolute BS.

Fashion is for everyone and is in the eye of the beholder.

One can have amazing fashion on a budget here is an awesome video explaining that from Fashioncafe.


I absolutely love that video.

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Good Bye Fashion Jeans

(Picture Credit: Well it seems like the jean fashion trend is starting to take a turn downward for now.  What I mean by fashion jeans is people buying really, really expensive jeans for the brand name.  Some examples are 7’s, Buffalo, etc.  I think you probably have heard of one of those brands before. I will admit that I got caught up in it a little also.  I had my 7’s and wanted to be seen in them.  I will admit that I have made it through to the other side and realized there are a lot of other good brands of jeans out there that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Granted I still like to be seen in jeans and I want my jeans to look amazing on me but now I don’t feel the need to have the most expensive jeans on to feel like I am fitting in. It seems like Levis is starting to make an amazing comeback.  I say thats awesome.  One of the classic all american brands.  I love my Levis. I’ll still wear my 7’s mainly because I bought so many of them.  Yes I would go to someones garage where they had boxes of them and sell them for really cheap.  So I did amass a lot of them but thats what happens when something is trendy. I am so glad that trend is…

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Welcome Here

Hi.  Great to see you at this amazing blog Press Play Fashion Forward. As you can tell this is my first post and it is probably going to be the worst because I am just going to ramble on about fashion and not really get into the meat and bones of what is out in fashion right now which is what everybody wants to hear about. Throughout this blog I am going to be giving random reviews of certain  brands, fashion people, and trends.  I am someone that likes to go against the grain. I believe fashion trends are not something corporate america should set to sell more stuff.  They should just happen.  Granted I realize someone somewhere kind of has to start the trend but it should not always be all about how much money can be made by bringing back some style and putting it on someone famous. Ok.  Im off my rant now. I love fashion and I really hope fashion loves me. I actually am a real big fan of Project Runway.  Call me crazy but I love to see what really goes on with really creative minds.  You actually get t see what designers are thinking and what the critics are thinking also.  I really love how you get to see how it’s a mix of artistic creativity and realistic wearable creativity.  Because lets face it some of the stuff…

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