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Birkenstock Power

Are Birkenstock shoes making a comeback? I am going to be vulnerable here and let you know that I do enjoy wearing Birkenstock sandals. Now I evidently am not one that strolls down main street in my Birkenstock sandals wearing wool socks and munching on granola. I am far from that. But back in the day like in the early to mid 90’s I jumped on the bandwagon when they were rising and let me tell you they are very comfortable. Those hippies got something right. But as far as fashion goes I would recommend stay as far away as possible. Maybe if you are strolling around the streets of Portland it would be an okay fashion statement but nor really anywhere else.  Granted you do have to stay true to yourself but if you are hear for my fashion advice that is what I am recommending. Maybe if you are in a laid back beac town you can get away with it but I don’t know. It seems like I am trying to find excuses to wear them but I will not wear them as fashion but only for comfort and convenience. Now to get back on subject.  I am reading articles and seeing people wear them all over the place again.  their is a part of me that thinks woo hoo and then their is the other part of me that thinks oh…

Fashion Is For Everyone

It has kind of been a pet peeve o mine that people think fashion is only for people that have a lot of money.  That is absolute BS.

Fashion is for everyone and is in the eye of the beholder.

One can have amazing fashion on a budget here is an awesome video explaining that from Fashion cafe.

Good Bye Fashion Jeans

Well it seems like the jean fashion trend is starting to take a turn downward for now.  What I mean by fashion sweatshirts for women and jeans is people buying really, really expensive jeans for the brand name.  Some examples are 7’s, Buffalo, etc.  I think you probably have heard of one of those brands before. I will admit that I got caught up in it a little also.  I had my 7’s and wanted to be seen in them.  I will admit that I have made it through to the other side and realized there are a lot of other good brands of jeans out there that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Granted I still like to be seen in jeans and I want my jeans to look amazing on me but now I don’t feel the need to have the most expensive jeans on to feel like I am fitting in. It seems like Levis is starting to make an amazing comeback.  I say thats awesome.  One of the classic all American brands.  I love my Levis. I’ll still wear my 7’s mainly because I bought so many of them.  Yes I would go to someones garage where they had boxes of them and sell them for really cheap.  So I did amass a lot of them but thats what happens when something is trendy. I am so glad that trend is…

Welcome Here

Hi.  Great to see you at this amazing blog Press Play Fashion Forward. As you can tell this is my first post and it is probably going to be the worst because I am just going to ramble on about fashion and not really get into the meat and bones of what is out in fashion right now which is what everybody wants to hear about. Throughout this blog I am going to be giving random reviews of certain  brands, fashion people, and trends.  I am someone that likes to go against the grain. I believe fashion trends are not something corporate america should set to sell more stuff.  They should just happen.  Granted I realize someone somewhere kind of has to start the trend but it should not always be all about how much money can be made by bringing back some style and putting it on someone famous. Ok.  Im off my rant now. I love sweatshirt fashion and I really hope it loves me. I actually am a real big fan of Project Runway.  Call me crazy but I love to see what really goes on with really creative minds.  You actually get t see what designers are thinking and what the critics are thinking also.  I really love how you get to see how it’s a mix of artistic creativity and realistic wearable creativity.  Because lets face it some of the stuff…

Importance Of Using The Promotional Umbrellas

The greatest advantage of promotional umbrellas is that umbrellas have an outsized printing house thereon. Printing is often done on the surface and even on the stick or the handle reckoning on the dimensions of the umbrella. The foremost necessary facet of personalized umbrella constitutes the printing. The corporate name, brand logo, slogan, message and even the corporate contact data are often fitted on a promotional umbrella and regular use of tailored umbrellas can mean regular and additional visibility of the name and also the emblem. It’ll mechanically cause whole quality and whole awareness. The imprints that return on tailored umbrellas are often created daring and bright owing to the printing house they provide. Printing are often created long lasting with sturdy and quality water proof paints and material colors to form it keep for a extended time. Giant imprints on umbrellas catch instant attention of individuals of all age teams and attract customers and shoppers towards the whole. Clarity and visibility of umbrellas cause business success by creating the name widespread and hanging. Eye catching emblem unwittingly creates an impact on people’s minds and that they manage to remember the name time and once more. Promotional umbrellas are commodities of utmost importance and are used frequently particularly within the erratic atmospheric condition of European country. So promotional umbrellas are continually accepted and liked by folks. Umbrellas carry your name way and wide and reach dead set a huge population and helps in grabbing the potential customers. Greater visibility and exposure that promotional umbrellas provide makes them sensible decisions as advertising gifts or giveaways.

Baby Baskets: A Boon for A New Born

The birth of a baby brings in a celebration and marks an event of unbound happiness for a family. For such an occasion, baby baskets are a specialized gift options to welcome the child home. The proud parents can invest into baby baskets to help their child out with gathering its little essentials. On the other hand, relatives and friends can also buy such baskets for presentation to the newborn and the new mother and father.

Baby baskets are baskets full of baby gifts. Sending such baskets equals to sending happiness galore. Things that often find place in such baskets are baby blankets, plush animals, clothing, pillows, etc. Such baskets come as a unique gift and look extremely stylish to present. A number of useful items can be lovingly placed inside the baskets. The baskets are made for baby girls and baby boys respectively. The baskets for baby girls can include layette sets, frocks, dolls, etc. Baby hampers are also placed inside the baskets that include milk bottles, soaps, comb, oil, baby cream etc. Teddy bears and other toys often find a liking with one and all.

Baby baskets are more of practical hampers and gifts, beautifully presented for the newborn. It is like a bundle of joy wrapped with love and blessings. In fact, there are a number of shops and companies that make such baskets and hampers. Nowadays, not only baskets, but baby gift hampers are placed into little wagons, like rocking horses, baby suitcases, cradles, even in beautiful hats to welcome the baby home in style. This looks extremely contemporary and has a touch of sophistication too it. New moms and dads would love to receive such baby essentials as gifts and presents.

The birth of a baby calls for some amazing gifts to celebrate. Baby baskets are ideal options that contain utility items for the baby and also play things to keep the baby busy and happy for hours together. For twins, twin baskets can be chosen. One can chose from various options for baby boys and girls. The colours, shapes and sizes can vary. Soccer games, plush puppies, various games for boys, shampoos, frocks, and ribbons etc. can be picked for boys. New moms and dads would love to be showered with love in the form of these thoughtful baby baskets. A new born baby is a blessing and more so, these baby baskets a boon. So go ahead and welcome the new born with these contemporary gift hampers as a mark of new tradition.

We at Sandy’s Gift and Hampers, they offer the best in baby baskets and hampers. To order any of their items, you can call them at 0430 222 047 or email sales@sandysgifts.com.au.

An Efficient Head Lice Treatment to Say the Least

Head lice not only create unwanted scenes of scratching your head but may also lead to other medical problems. These little parasites suck away the blood leading to irritation and hurt scalp. There may be various treatments available and mainly they all center on chemical actions. But, as a matter of fact, not all feel comfortable to treat lice with chemicals as they fear for other harmful consequences of exposing the sensitive scalp to chemicals. For the best and the safest, there is head lice treatment by Robi Comb.

The head lice treatment offered follows a two-pronged approach of cure and prevention. As a first step or the cure, it eradicates the lice and the eggs (also called as nits). Step two involves the prevention of lice birth. Once undergone the first step, one can go for the prevention procedure to avoid any future lice birth.

As a part of the head lice treatment, the removal of eggs and nits is important for it halts the reproduction cycle of lice. As a procedure, the lice guard shampoo helps eradicate the lice and eggs. For enhanced efficacy, the affected is taken through a thorough combing session using a close-toothed lice comb.

Further to the first step to the head lice treatment, prevention of lice is made far simpler. All one needs is a Lice Guard Lice Repellent Spray, a patented formula that is 100 percent non-toxic and safe.

One should always remember that in the process of getting hard on the lice and its eggs to eradicate them, one should not come too harsh on the scalp and hair. This may cause permanent harm and hurt the skin leading to severe ailments. Mark a point that using harsh products is not the best treatment. Head lice treatment is the sustained and the safer one.

How to find best Fate Clothing online?

A perfect outfit is the first love of every woman and they always search for best designs that explore passion for texture, fabric and colour. Now, you can search for some of the finest summer dresses and Fate clothing online, under a single roof!

Dedicated online cool sweatshirt fashion stores offer clothing, design as well as Fine Arts in most gorgeous form. Some of them grow swiftly because of their extensive range and unique designs of summer dresses and Fate Clothing. They offer exclusive corner store services to all their customers. While buying online everyone feels a hitch, but a good online store showcases its authenticity and reliable environment, which is appreciated by women customers.

Such stores believe in establishing long lasting and long term relationship with their customers. This is done by customised and personal approach for online summer dresses and Fate clothing.

High Level of Customer Satisfaction

Only good online stores know that they not only need to sell summer dresses and Fate clothing online, but that they also need to create a strong association with their customers by giving them highest priority. Just in case if there is any kind of dissatisfaction, they focus and try their level best to remove it by finding the best solution. There are various supporting services for the customers who purchase summer dresses or Fate clothing through authentic online portals. Some of them are listed below:

  •  Rewards and Gift certificates
  •  Customer Assistance
  •  Customer Support
  •  Online Chatting Support

The unique part of such purchases is that these stores not only offer Fate clothing or summer dresses which are stylish and beautiful; but they also ensure that you look poised, chic and sophisticated at the same time!

Every summer dress or Fate Clothing is being created and designed with special attention and the creative designers make them look amazing. Every summer dress is just like investing in pink sweatshirts for girls fashion because women who wear these extraordinary summer dresses look superb and magnificent.

So, why not become an attention catcher at every party or occasion by wearing these classic and unique summer dresses and Fate clothing! All of which can be easily purchased online. Moreover, these are available at the comfort of your home, so why not order these summer dresses and Fate clothing online at pocket friendly price.

Do you want to try summer dresses or designer products from Fate’s Clothing? Then just fill in the enquiry form with all the information available on Twist of Bliss online.

UK Fashion Shopping with Style in View

If youve ever spent hours searching on Google for a single item only to have no luck, we may have just found you a solution. The so-called fashion search engine, Style in View, promises to put you in control, enabling you to find that one must-have item in no time.

Style in View made its debut at the end of February this year. Created by Brighton-based Nabang Media, Style in View was created with fashion conscious shoppers in mind. The search interface allows unlimited refinements, making tracking down one specific item remarkably easy. When using the site its clear that a lot of attention has been paid to organising and categorising each piece that is listed.

The website can also be used for browsing items, when you dont have a specific piece in mind. The ability to define search results is also beneficial here as you can choose to only view your favourite brands, or for items that are in your price range.

With the ability to organise items by price, Style in View functions not only as a fashion search engine but as an accurate comparison site. The sites on sale function will also attract money savers as it compiles sale items from all their listed brands, making bargain-hunting a quicker and easier experience.

Whether browsing or on the hunt for that one special item, the most notable feature of the Style in View search engine is that makes shopping remarkably quicker. If you like to check all of your favourite high street brands websites to browse their latest products, you can save time by simply searching them all on Style in View.

While still in early days, Style in View has partnered with several high street brands including New Look, Dorothy Perkins and John Lewis. The company currently has plans to expand the website to include further brands including small and boutique labels. Showcasing both men and womens clothing in all styles, the sites editor is also dedicated to ensuring the search engine keeps up-to-date with the latest cute sweatshirts fashion trends.

Style in View is expected to expand swiftly, promising thousands of new fashion items on a daily basis. A close team of style editors are working with the website to find the hottest new fashion products from around the world in an effort to keep Style in View as one of the most accurate, expansive collections of online UK fashion.

Who Should Consider a Rolling Briefcase and Why?

Briefcases do come in wide range of sizes and shapes. Few specific types of briefcases are known to be more popular when compared to others. You can see that briefcase market has been growing at a healthy pace, and you’d certainly be surprised to look at the number of designs that are available in the market today. Rolling briefcases are one of the hot-selling products at the moment. Even though the term “rolling briefcase” sounds quite funky, such a suitcase can actually be used by anyone, and everyone. However, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind, when you consider a rolling brief case.

When You Require More Space

When compared with most of the briefcases that you see in the market, rolling briefcases are well known for their roominess. It is known to hold almost 55 percent more luggage than the traditional briefcase. You might have faced odd times when there is more luggage to carry along with you. If this is your situation, then rolling briefcase is the best choice to avoid unnecessary hassles.

The only time that you would consider a rolling briefcase is when you want to carry lot of load to work on regular and consistent basis. With ample space offered in the briefcase, it is ensured that you can carry the files around without having to hesitate that they would get damaged.

Feeling Too Heavy For Carrying

There are individuals who carry additional load even after their work hours. In such cases, it will be a difficult task to carry such load on a regular basis. At this point of time, people look for alternatives to ease their pain, and rolling briefcases turn out to be their best bets. The great thing about such briefcases is that you can carry greater load with ease. Such briefcases also come with detachable trolleys. However, you must make sure that the complete load is placed on trolley wheels to avoid damages. It is also much easier for you to carry the load around easily. If you want to carry additional files that are quite heavy, then the ideal option is to look for a rolling briefcase.

Looking for a Change

Most of the people who need something unique and different opt for rolling suitcases as well. One great thing about rolling briefcase is that it makes you feel funkier.

This is the reason that they are more popular among the young buyers. If you are looking for something unique, then you ought to try ‘em out.

Choosing the Best Ones

If you are looking forward to choosing the best rolling briefcase, select a lighter one. The case can be of hard-shell or a soft one; but, it should be manufactured with a lighter material.

Moreover, it should be compact enough to carry. The strap of rolling briefcase can make you feel more comfortable, specifically in the tight spots.

You need to choose a design that is stylish as well as functional. You can also choose materials such as leather, but they could get a little more expensive; so, pick something that fits your bill, and serves all your needs.

Author bio:

The perfect way to ensure you do not exhaust yourself when travelling for an important conference is by using rolling briefcase. Jamie Boll is a renowned fashion stylist who advocates for the use of these kinds of accessories as they keep your documents and other properties intact. Some of his best articles appear in fashion magazines on a weekly basis but you can catch him on his website.